Residence Camp Newspaper

Following a tradition that began with the first Needlepoint News on July 11, 1931, campers in each summer residence camp session create a newspaper highlighting their activities and accomplishments.  Here is a story from that very first Volume 1, Issue 1:


There was a great deal of excitment in camp on Thursday, July 2.  On the afternoon of that day, a little black pony was brought to camp.  Her name was Dolly.  She was brought to camp by Dr. Cory, the donor, in a most curious manner.  The back seat of his Packard Limousine was turned into a stable, in which Dolly rode just as if she were in her own home.  You should have seen the car!!  Many thanks Dr. Cory!

Recent newspapers are organized by year and by session.  Click the session link to download the PDF.

2012 Camp Ho Mita Koda newspaper:

2011 Camp Ho Mita Koda newspaper:

2010 Camp Ho Mita Koda newspaper:

2009 Camp Ho Mita Koda newspaper:

Camp Ho Mita Koda

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