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staff reflections from PAST SESSIONS

"For the last 6 summers, I have watched 15 year olds become alumni and each summer gets better and better... It's sort of bittersweet but I know that you all will go on to do great things. My only wish is that I'm there to see it!!! To be in a position to impact these kids means EVERYTHING to me and I thank you all for that!"

-Micah M., counselor

"My favorite memory from this summer has to be from the end of session 3 when A.N. came back to the dispensary to specifically say goodbye to me.  To see how much Camp means to these kids is pretty awesome."

-Nurse Peggy

“My favorite thing about working at camp HMK this summer has been learning so much about diabetes and getting to meet all of the wonderful campers and staff.”

-Sara H., counselor

“The best part of my summer here at HMK was seeing S.H. starting camp with crazy blood sugars and after the Animus rep came to teach her and give her new sites, seeing how much she improved. After that she had perfect sugars and came up to me at the dance and said, ‘Dr. Shaw!  My sugars are still in the 100’s and I feel great!’

-Dr. Shaw, Camp Physician

Camp Ho Mita Koda

Children and Diabetes

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