Activities at Camp Ho Mita Koda

What is a typical day like at camp?

Our daily schedule is a combination of scheduled group activities and camper selected activity periods.

What kind of programs and activities are offered?

Campers participate in a wide variety of programs and activities at Camp Ho Mita Koda. There are 4 activity periods at Camp each day, including one period of all-camp free swim. Campers in 6-day and 13-day sessions have an opportunity to select several activities during designated activity periods. Once placed, campers remain in these scheduled activities for 6 consecutive days. Campers in 13-day sessions can select new activities for the second week of their camp session.  In addition to selecting individual activities, campers and staff participate as a camp community each day in activities such as flag raising and flag lowering, meals, free swim, assembly, cabin time and evening activity. 

Activity choices vary by year and by session. See activity descriptions below.

Do you offer a horseback riding program at camp?

Horseback riding

This is an optional camp program for campers in 6 or 13 day sessions. Campers must be pre-registered and pre-paid to participate. Registration and payment for this program will not be available at check-in.  Riding is at a neighboring stable.




Is there any downtime for reading?

Yes - at rest hour and some downtime before lunch, dinner & bedtime.

What if my child does not want to participate in something?

They most often want to participate because they selected their own activities for the day. Campers are encouraged but never forced to participate in any activity.

What do campers do in the evening?

Every evening after dinner campers there is a special activity for just the cabin mates planned by the cabin counselor. After this there is the flag lowering ceremony.  Next there is an activity that includes the whole camp. These activities change every day and are not repeated during the session.  Campers may participate in games of bunk chase, mission impossible, campfire skits, talent shows, capture the flag, an Olympiad, or even a dance for the older kids!

What happens if it rains?



We continue on with the planned activities but moved to a covered location.




What are some of the specific activities?

Please note: program offferings change each summer and sometimes each session, based on staffing and camper needs.  Camp activities may include, but are not limited to the following:

Sports: Archery, Basketball, Boating, Canoeing, Floor Hockey, Kayaking, Kick Ball, Lacrosse, Paintball Target Range, Pirates, Rowing, Sand volleyball, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Yoga

Arts & Other: Arts and Crafts, Banquet, Cooking, Dance, Diabetes Education, Drama, Guitar, Horseback Riding (separate fee), Medieval, Newspaper, Photography, Ninja, Talent Show, Team Building

Outdoor Adventure: Capture the Flag, Gardening, Hiking, Nature Program, Slicker Hikes in the Rain

Camp Ho Mita Koda’s Olympic size pool is the site for a program which includes free swim, swimming lessons and water safety instruction. All campers enjoy free swim and can elect to participate in organized water sports.





Campers enjoy sailing, canoeing, and kayaking, rowing, and a new activity called Pirates on our 6 acre lake. Instructional and recreational boating opportunities are available. 





Paintball Target Range

Paintball is an optional activity offered in Sessions 1-3.  Campers use paintball markers ("guns") to shoot at targets while learning safe handling, care, and maintenance of the equipment.  


McCullough Trail -Joshs cabin-stopping place

Hikes range from one to two miles.







Camp HMK provides fishing poles and bait, but campers are more than welcome to bring their own fishing poles.








archery Taught by certified staff, campers learn archery basics at the Camp archery range -just like in the first years at Camp!






Team Sports

Camp Ho Mita Koda gives campers the opportunity to participate in team-oriented sports that may include soccer, sand volleyball, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, and pick-up games of football.






Arts & Crafts

A staple of summer camp, arts & crafts at Camp Ho Mita Koda gives campers the opportunities to display their artistic side. Campers make plastic molds, woodcrafts, bracelets, two-dimensional crafts and paintings.








Drama Classes

During drama class, campers write plays and later perform their plays for their fellow campers.


"Skits in a Paper Bag" is a Camp Ho Mita Koda tradition. “Skits in a Paper Bag” gives campers the opportunity to act out various skits written on pieces of paper that are pulled from a paper bag.

 Talent Show

All campers are given the opportunity to show off their talent at Camp Ho Mita Koda’s talent show. This show is held during 6 and 13 day sessions. Campers and counselors alike have wowed fellow campers with their unique talents.

Awards Ceremony

Camp Ho Mita Koda proudly presents an awards ceremony for campers and their parents to commemorate an unforgettable stay at camp. During the award ceremony, special awards are given to campers based on their achievements at camp. Every camper receives an award, marking the end of a successful stay at Camp Ho Mita Koda.







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